Instructions on game play

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Beta version 5.0

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Old Trailer

Beta version 4.0

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Cow Upgrade

Farm animals added

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Old City

8 months ago

Keyboard Instructions

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Press 'W' to walk forward. You can also use the arrow keys to walk around

'W' = forward : 'S' = back : 'A' = Left : 'D' = right.

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Press numbers 1-9 to change materials

Press the number key twice to change the materials.

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Press 'V' to access the chat and portal features

This brings up a box where you can chat to other players, Teleport to your Land or the VEO portal. You can also add friends.

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Press 'R' to rotate and change blocks

While looking at a block press the 'R' key to change the shape of the block. Also use it to return livestock back to your inventory. Letters "C' and 'L' are also used to change letter blocks and light blocks. Experiment for yourself.

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Press '0' zero key to change the tool you are using

Pressing the zero key will allow you to select weapons, a pick or a sickle used to harvest crops.

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Press 'T' to fly

Holding down the 'T' key will enable you to go up.

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Press 'Z' to speed up your computer

Pressing 'Z' changes the zoom in the game. The blue bar at the top right corner of the screen shows your zoom level. If your computer is running slow then press the 'Z' key and your computer will speed up but you wont be able to see very far in the distance.

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Press 'F1' to change your view

Pressing 'F1' will give you a third player perspective. Very handy for changing blocks in front of you.

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Press 'F2' to change your Avatar

Pressing 'F1' will show your Avatar. Press 'F2' will change your Avatar.